-Back-ports & Open Source-

Most packages here are back-ports of open source PC games, that have been rebuild to work on an older Windows OS: Windows XP x86. x86 as in 32-bit. All credits to the original authors who worked on this and published the sources.

Note that the packages here are just the binaries, which are free to distribute, according to the included licenses. For these games to work, the original game-data is also required, but not included here. For information about obtaining and preparing game-data, follow the given links to the official projects.

Duke Nukem 3D and similar Build-engine games

Windows XP compatible binaries. The Duke3Dw package also has an additional Windows 95/98 compatible version.

General Windows XP compatible back-ports.

Builds of the source with Windows XP compatibility, where the latest official release requires a newer version of Windows.
Tomb1Main and Corsix-TH come with a custom ffmpeg v4.4 library. This ffmpeg build was configured solely for common game media formats.

Other open-source adaptations

Compile and Build Tools for Windows XP

Also recommended is the pkg-config tool.
In some cases it is more convenient to cross-compile for Windows on Linux, or maybe use the whole MSYS2 environment in windows.
As for Microsoft tools; So far I only use up to MSVC v10 / 2010, for smaller projects with few dependencies. (Though later MSVC versions cannot run on XP, they can optionally target XP with the necessary toolchain installed.)

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